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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in the saddle

Friday was a fabulous day. I was able to get back on the wonder mare, Miss Julia, at her new home and go for a ride. I schooled her through some leg yields and other basic dressage. As her new young mommy is new to the world of dressage, Jules protested my carrying a whip.
As we skipped along, she lept into the air giving me smartalick remarks when I tried to ride a very bouncy trot. Or when I insisted on a 10 meter canter circle. Or when I practiced canter loops from the old 2006 USDF 1st level test. After enduring a few hops and jumps and leaps of dismay, the mare settled into work like an old pro. Winded like the fat kid on a kick-ball team that just slid safely into
home base, I am out of riding shape.
I dismounted, attempting not to break off all my toes on the frozen Virginia ground, and let Jules' new mommy give it a shot. She was thrilled with the short, basic dressage lesson I gave them both; the youngster learned trot leg yields after only having the mare for a mere month and I had them executing half-halts to trot leg yield to canter transitions in a few minutes. "I never know she could go like that for me," responded the lanky 14 year old now in charge of Miss Julia's care, lessons and riding schedule. What a fabulous teacher Jules will be for her.
Sub-freezing temperatures of the wicked wind whipped through the dark air of the evening. Devoured by the cold, we bundled up, both people and horse, for the trailer ride back to the farm. Cozy blankets and a hot meal was enjoyed by all, after which the wonder mare dozed off into sweet dreams of cross country jumping and bushels of carrots.

Above Left - Miss Jules helping me finish my first recognized event at Marlborough HT in September 2009.
Below Right - Even Miss Jules is smiling after a phenomenal dressage test at Rubicon Farm HT in November 2009 [22.6; Judge -Brian Ross].

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