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Monday, March 1, 2010


Today merits a huge "thank you" to Mother Nature as it was a day of clear skies and sunshine without a snowflake in sight. =) As you can imagine, this made me smile. Then again, the mild warmth of the rays of sunshine remind me how long it has been since I rode last...almost two months to be exact! Miss Julia has settled nicely into her new home in Goochland and I could not be happier; though I do anxiously await her horse show debut this spring with her new owner. I love kids. Most of all, Jules' new kid is an exceptional one. I love horse shows and pony club events and having a horse/rider combination to cheer for! I am sure that they will do positively fabulous their first time out.

The feeling after the last xc fence, galloping to the finish, adrenaline pumping and enjoying every bit of the rush from jumping large, solid obstacles at speed is definitely a feeling an eventer never forgets. A time of celebration that is virtually a different experience for every rider. A time to relish in the accomplishment. I know that Jules' new kiddo will be able to experience this extreme emotional rush, and I smile inside.

In closing, only one exam, 3 more days of class and a 15 hour drive separates me from a warm Spring Break Vacation! Woot! Keep your fingers crossed that we will have sunny, warm and dry weather in the Caribbean this coming week - look out Florida, here I come! I promise tropical pictures to follow B-)

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