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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, well, well...the weeks have just been flying by. Graduation is soon approaching and so to distract myself from that morbid date, I have joined the VT Horse Judging Team this semester. Since I am not able to ride this semester with the VT Equestrian Teams due to lack of economic resources, I have decided to learn to judge horses and get judged on how well I judge. Few. Yeah, it's a doozy. We have been practicing like 3-5 times a week placing classes and giving reasons and this weekend is our FIRST real contest in Tennessee. So away we go on adventures road-tripping to farms to check out pretty horses. I know. Life is so terrible. Yet, I feel that there are a lot of reasons to be given in my future. Wish us luck -

Oh yeah, I bought my favorite pair of jeans ever yesterday - Wrangler Cash Jeans! Check them out - absolutely amazing quality and fit! Still looking for boots, maybe the ladies Justin L5045 Antique Crepe Soles with green tops? Love me some Justin boots. Need some real square toes, with hot colored tops of course, to wear for judging contest trip in Fort Worth, Texas this April. Yee-haw! =D

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