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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dallas - it's not just a city

Another tall tale from the ranch out west...

We had this absolutely stunning golden palamino gelding named Dallas. Beauty is as beauty does, or so they say. Well, Dallas was special, that was for sure.

I had never met a horse that did not tie. If they don't tie, how do you get them to stay put? Well one day, the cowboys decided he needed to learn to do so. We brought him in after morning roundup, and tied him to a four foot wide post inside a small corral. That way, in case he broke his halter and got loose he would be in an enclosed area.

Clever, right?

Well... we left him there during morning ride [about 3 hours] and when I returned I did not see him. With about 10-15 guests riding behind me, I said nothing to make sure I did not alarm them. Looking over, I did note the fence he had been tied to was GONE.

After finishing my wrangling responsibilities [taking care of guests and horses] I went over to the corral where we left D-man. And there he was: still tied to the post. He had snapped it like a twig off from out of the ground, and pulled back. So he was standing, head down, still tied to a post that had four rails nailed into each side. Well, he definitely learned the 'head down' cue that day.

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