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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Year, New Horse, New Knee...

The Latest Man in my Life: "Stewie"

It has been awhile. Yes, indeed.
In past few months, but I return to my desk and return to good ole blooger!

Bought myself a new toy - his name is "Catch 22" in the show ring, becuase owning a horse truly in a gamble. No sooner did I get him a leather halter with his name engraved on it, did I learn how correct the previous statement was: I tore my ACL. I was just hopping down from the farm's well-used John Deere. I landed wrong, dislocated my kneecap and well, the rest is history. Surgery this month for that mishap.

So rehab has brought me back into my parent's house - unable to work, drive, ride, or even walk my own dog. I feel like I am 13 years-old again and my mother won't let me go to the beach with my friends for a day. No really. She won't. But it is all for my good health.

So here's to a great 2011, full of fabulous blogging!

Call me stubborn, but I really wanted to fly to work the next day half-way across the country!

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