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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, January 18, 2010


Breast Cancer Awareness practices on Facebook make me laugh.
It is like our little female secret.
Day one: make your status your bra color/fabric
Day two: whoops missed it
Day three: put your shoe size plus the word "inches" and a :(
[You have no idea how many boys commented on that last one! haha]

Best part of it all...not allowed to tell anyone about it via your wall, and not to tell the male population. bwahaha. Fabulous. The bra color/fabric one even made the news =)

...and today's photo is one of my all time favorites. I literally just took this 'snapshot' at the beach of an old friend. We were getting up to leave for the day, sand between our toes and loads of stuff to tote back to the house. I want to say we were running around, as we were both energetic and youthful 15 year-olds at the time. The wind caught her hair, and I depressed the shutter, and BAM. Beauty came out. Sometimes the best things in life are absolutely an accident. <3

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