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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hunt Country

Gone are the days of summer.
Those staggeringly humid afternoons when I would crawl out from behind my air conditioned office desk at the Horse Center and into little "Whilby" (the affectionate name of my white '97 civic). Thankful for Honda's durability, thankful that my a/c has not burnt out just yet. Off to change and hop on a few hunt horses, new job I stumbled upon through a friend of a friend. As terrible as this employment opportunity sounds, riding was sometimes miserable in the heat and humidity of some July Virginia days. While others, like this easy breezy Saturday afternoon, prompted for a long trail ride and a definite morale booster. Even snapping photos with my amateur Cannon point-and-shoot. This was my favorite hill of all time. Galloping up or down. Made no difference.
And the view was not bad either. One of those places that takes your breath away, not once, but every time. Out in Rockbridge Hunt country, it was one of the best get-aways from the office in the world. (Then again, nothing beats a fall football game at Virginia Tech - GO HOKIES!) Stuck in the office again today - back to the drawing board attempting to get names, addresses and cover letters finalized. Can I just stay a 21 year old Virginia Tech student forever? Please!?

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