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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Kicks

The most fabulous thing happened to me today: UPS dropped off a parcel I have been awaiting. And while I tromped about the greater richmond stores, I was searching. In and out of numerous stores, I tried on frivolous out-on-the-town-tops in every style, price, cut, shape and sparkly type, nothing felt right. I thought, maybe it is my hair. Bad hair days ruin me. Raised my chin to peer into the dressing room mirror. But no, new do and my makeup looked banging, if I do say so myself. So I wondered, what is the thirst that no local strip mall store dares to quench? When I pulled my exhausted civic into our drive, it was waiting, there, quietly on the cold brick doorstep. Small and white. Inside would complete me. Contents of that small and white package set my yearning at bay. Stepping into the new soles, they were unbroken. I smiled, looked around, and finally decided it surely was a beautiful day.

New Shoes.

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